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Yale, British Columbia

Yale, BC was once the largest cities north of San Francisco and west of Chicago. The gold rush boomtown has now dwindled in population but the history remains. Originally established as a trading post for the Hudson's Bay Company, it grew with the gold rush and became the main terminal for one of the largest stern wheeler routes in North America. The museum, which is located in Yale, is packed with great surprises, you can learn all about the rich history of Yale. Beside the museum is the historic church, it is the oldest church in British Columbia and still on its original foundation. The church is open for viewing. Also located on the grounds is the National Monument to the Chinese railway workers. You can take a walk to many of the historic sights spread throughout the community. This quiet beautiful community is right in the heart of the canyon. The area is home to many great activities for all ages, especially outdoor adventure and exploration. There is a lot of great hiking, from trails to backcountry, like the Spirit Cave trails, known for the mystic whistling sound made from the wind that passes through them. Yale also offers rafting trips from the Fraser River Rafting Expeditions, they offer day trips, week trips and more. Take a nature float trip or hit the white water of Hells Gate. Locals say that Yale is haunted because of the many people who died in the gold rush or during the construction of the railway. Some locals say it's all myth and others say it's for real. You be the judge. Come visit historic Yale and find out for yourself!

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Yale Historic Site

Sasquatch Sign Co. Yale, B.C. was once the largest city north of San Francisco and west of Chicago. Originally established in 1848 as a Hudson's Bay Company trading post, Yale grew with the influx of an estimated 30,000 gold miners during the gold rush of 1858. In the 1860's, with the construction of the Cariboo Wagon Road, Yale became the main terminal for one of the largest sternwheeler routes in North America. The 1880's saw the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway, with construction headquarters housed in Yale. The Yale Historic Site is one of eleven Province of British Columbia Heritage Sites and is managed by the Yale and District Historical Society. The Society was formed in 1977 to gather, preserve, record and exhibit Yale's history. The 'Historic Yale' story is told through the preservation and maintenance of the St. John the Divine Church and the 1870's 'Creighton House' Museum and artifacts. The Yale and District Historical Society (YDHS) is a non-profit, registered charitable organization, holding the current contract with the BC Heritage Branch of the Provincial Government to maintain and operate the Heritage Site and buildings. Read more>>>

Pioneer Cemetery

The Pioneer Cemetery is the resting place to some of British Columbians earliest pioneers located off highway one in historic Yale. This beautiful piece of history is a lush meadow flat overlooking the banks of the Fraser River, although the Cemetery is a beautiful resting spot for many settlers, some of the history involving those that rest here is horrid. Locals tell the legends of tragedy and greed, a powerful poison during the gold rush many gold rushers were murdered, and their spirits left to rest along the gold banks of the mighty Fraser. Many say because of some tragic deaths the cemetery is haunted. The Pioneer Cemetery is open to the public, although it is recommended daytime visiting, those who dare can tour the cemetery at night a choice not recommended by locals.

Lady Franklyn

The Lady Franklin is a beautiful large rock, or some say an island in the middle of the Fraser River in Hope BC. This rock island was named after Lady Jane Franklin, wife of Sir John Franklin an early explorer who loved this area. This beautiful area is located along the Old Caribou Wagon Trail. To get there drive along the Trans-Canada Highway east bound through Yale, across the small bridge take the first right, and follow the road that runs alongside the Fraser River for a couple minutes. This is a great picnic spot.

Spirit Caves Trail

Located in Yale you can find the Spirit Caves, which give you a great view of the Canyon overlooking Yale. At the top of the trail you can find the caves hidden behind some large rocks, these caves are known for their mystic whistling sound made when the wind blows through them. The trail is moderately hard and has some areas that can prove to be more difficult. It is 5km long and an elevation gain of 500m, a round trip is approximately 3 hours. To get there visit Yale, which is 25km from Hope, and look for the sign on the left side of the highway. Be sure to pack a lunch, lots of water and bring your camera.


Spuzzum BC a small community almost non-existent these days, made famous for the T-shirt "Where the Heck is Spuzzum?" This small community between the Alexandra Suspension Bridge, and Yale BC was once a popular tourist stop in the 50's, 60's and 70's, Even hosting their very own "Playboy Bunny" Restaurant. Since The Spuzzum era was at its highest most of the community has burnt down, including the road side service station which burnt down 10 years ago. Now there is really nothing left, not even a road sign. 30 years later the T-Shirt that helped made this roadside attraction popular really has a meaning now, where the heck is Spuzzum? Can you find Spuzzum?

Alexandra Bridge

The Old Alexandra Lodge is the third lodge to have been constructed and was built in the 1920's. Since 1858 there has always been a lodge or road house located on the site at the Chapman's Sandbar in Fraser Canyon. In the 1970's it was titled British Columbia's second most historic building. Although this was later removed as there is some controversy over the origins of the structure and whether all sections are from the original structure. The historic Alexandra Lodge is currently being used as residences and will hopefully be resorted to its former beauty in the near future. It is located on the Trans-Canada Highway to the east of Alexandra Provincial Park.

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